Haaga 355 – residential sweeping

Haaga 355


21 inch manual push HAAGA sweeper

- The Haaga 355 sweeper uses a patented two counter-rotating conical disc brush system positioned in front of the machine. The sweeper provides excellent help wherever excellent mobility and easy handling are required. The technology and easy handling make the Haaga 355 ideal for sweeping alongside houses and gardens and for cleaning interiors. The adjustable and ergonomically shaped handle makes the Haaga 355 power sweeper the perfect choice for speedy cleaning of cinemas, sports stadiums, halls and arenas. It sweeps cigarette butts and boxes, cans and cups, dry and wet leaves, and fine and course dirt.

sweeper Specification:

    • Two conical disc brush system
    • Sweeping width: 21 inch
    • Debris container capacity: 6.6 gallons litres
    • Weight: 50.7 lbs
    • Performance: 1,750 yd²/H
    • Storage – wall hanging
    • Adjustable brush pressure
    • Side roller for guidance
    • Rubber handles
    • Rubber wheels

(ergonomically shaped handle for interiors and sports stadiums, halls and arenas)

HAAGA 355 – Features:

  • Sweeps fine and course dirt (cigarette packs, cans and cups)
  • Sweeps dry as well as wet leaves and other debris around the house
  • Very easy to handle
  • Folding handle means easy storage
  • Trouble-free mechanism

HAAGA 355 – Warranty:

  • 4-year brush wear warranty, 2 years on all parts

German sweeping machine. A maintenance-free, easy to use quality product that sweeps as you go.